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Scheduled appearances

February 25, 2011

We are excited to announce two scheduled appearances for the following Spring quarter seminar series.  Information about topics and times can be found in our Seminar Series page.

Chris Poland, SE
Chairman and Senior Principal
Degenkolb Engineers

Under Chris’s leadership since 1985, Degenkolb has grown 400% through deliberate, strategic planning and consistent operations. Chris’ career includes a broad range of structural engineering projects and a wide variety of professional activities. These include new design work, seismic analysis, structural evaluation, strengthening of existing buildings, failure analysis work, historic preservation, and research activities. He takes an active role in advancing the practice of structural engineering through public advocacy, participating in numerous professional associations, leading national advisory committees overseeing earthquake engineering programs, regularly publishing technical papers, and presenting his findings in professional forums. Additionally, he has participated in and led the development of state and federal standards related to earthquake mitigation and served as the lead author of a recent report by the National Academy of Engineering.

David Mar, SE
Owner and Principal
Tipping Mar

Since being named principal and lead designer in 2000, David Mar has continued in the firm’s long-standing tradition of well-crafted engineering solutions, while introducing an emphasis on creativity and exploration supported by practical, project-specific research.

David advocates early collaboration with architects and contractors to provide clients with the most cost-effective design solutions possible. Moreover, his focus on high-performance seismic and sustainable design has positioned Tipping Mar at the forefront of the green-building movement. His enthusiasm for innovation has fueled the expansion of his design repertoire from traditional steel, concrete, and wood construction to rammed earth, bamboo, straw bale, timber frame, and structural insulated panels.

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