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Seminar on 4/18 by Dr.Matthew Tobolski

April 14, 2011

Natural Phenomena Hazards in Nuclear Facilities

The term “nuclear facilities” can serve a range of purposes, including power generation, research, waste storage and weapons. Potential wide-spread impacts of the failure of these facilities dictates the need for substantially greater consideration of loadings developed by natural hazards. Extreme loadings developed by these hazards are considered in more detail when dealing with nuclear facilities with the end goal of a lower probability of failure as compared to traditional structures. In analyzing and designing structures for these loadings, design basis events traditionally correspond to a significantly larger return period event to mitigate potential impacts on the public in the event of failures.

This presentation will provide a discussion of a variety of hazard that are traditionally considered when performing work related to nuclear facilities. The main focus will relate to seismic considerations, however, other subjects will also be discussed briefly. Specific topics that will be covered include: code-based performance objectives, soil-structure interaction, in-structure response spectra, distribution systems and seismic qualification of nonstructural components.

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